Japan's Share Houses: Attractions, Drawbacks, and Websites to Find Them

2022/3/9 Updated

Have you ever heard of a “share house” (share house)? A share house is a type of housing.

In this article, I will explain in detail about share houses in Japan.

There are a variety of attractive features that are not found in regular housing, so if you are a foreign national who would like to live in Japan in the future, or if you live in Japan and are thinking of moving, please refer to this article.

What is a “share house”?

A shared house is a residence that has a common space other than your own room and can be lived in by multiple people.

In Japan, the number of such cases has been increasing in recent years.

The spaces and facilities to be shared include the following

  • Kitchen (Kitchen)
  • Bath (bath and shower) and toilet
  • Living room and dining room
  • Lounge

In addition to this, there are also share houses that take advantage of the size of the house to provide shared spaces such as a garden, theater room, or playroom equipped with a ping-pong table and game machines.

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“The appeal of a share house

The appeal of a share house includes the following points.

  • You can save money on moving in and daily living expenses.
    • Since several people live in one apartment, you may be able to keep the rent lower than the market rate.
    • In many cases, utilities and other expenses are flat, so if you feel that utilities are expensive, you may be able to pay less.
    • In many cases, furniture and appliances are already provided, so you may be able to save money on furnishings and appliances.
  • You will meet many people and expand your friendships.
    • You won’t feel lonely because people from all walks of life will be there.
    • You may experience an unexpected encounter.
    • You will be able to communicate with many people.
    • By moving into a share house with people who share the same hobbies and goals, you can make the most of your days.
  • Facilities are often well-equipped.
    • Bathrooms, kitchens, and lounges are often larger than those in single occupancy properties.
    • You may be able to live in an environment such as a garden, which is hard to come by when living alone.
  • Peace of mind in terms of crime prevention
    • Since people tend to spend more time in the house, there is less worry about being robbed.

“Disadvantages of Share Houses

Share houses have many charms, but in some cases, the following points can be drawbacks.

  • There is a possibility of trouble between you and the residents you live with.
    • Problems may arise due to differences in manners and culture.
    • You may have differences in how to use the shared space.
  • The rhythm of your life may not match.
    • Your restful sleep may be disturbed by people coming home when you are asleep, for example.
  • It can be difficult to maintain privacy.
    • For those who value privacy, the fact that there are people in the house can be a drawback.

Are there any share houses in Japan where foreigners can live?

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of share houses in Japan.

“There seems to be an increase in the number of share houses that allow foreign residents.

“By allowing foreign residents to move in, many Japanese people who want to have international exchange and get to know foreigners will move in.

By moving into a “foreigners allowed” share house in Japan, you will increase your chances of being able to live with Japanese people who are friendly to foreigners.

A service to find share houses for foreigners

From here, we’ll introduce you to some websites that are useful when actually looking for a share house where foreigners can also move in.

Share Clip (Share Clip)

Share Clip is a share house search site.

You can search for share houses based on a variety of conditions. Some of the conditions include “share house with foreigners OK”.

There are many useful features such as the “clip” function that allows you to save a share house you find interesting, and the “inquire at once” function that allows you to inquire about multiple properties.

Reference: Share Clip Foreigner OK Share House https://share-clip.com/a_search/f_foreigner/


Borderless House manages and introduces many share houses.

Since we started our service as an international exchange share house, you can find many share houses with people of various nationalities as well as people with diverse backgrounds.

“This is a great place to find a share house for those who want to expand their social circle and interact with a variety of people.

Reference: Borderless House https://www.borderless-house.jp/

Share Park (SHARE PARK)

Share Park is a website where you can search for information on share houses in Tokyo and its suburbs.

You can search for share houses by “special conditions” for those looking for a share house. One of those “special conditions” is “interaction with foreigners,” which allows you to find information on share houses where you can expect to interact with foreigners, such as those where foreigners live.

“If you’re looking for a share house where you can interact with people from other countries, you’re probably looking for a share house that welcomes people of all nationalities. Try looking for a share house with a variety of “special conditions.

Reference: Sharepark https://share-park.com/


Shares is a website that allows you to search for share houses and guesthouses in Tokyo, Yokohama, and other metropolitan areas as well as nationwide.

You can refine your search by narrowing down the features of the share house, and one of the features you can choose from is “foreigners OK. You can also search by selecting features such as “Western-style rooms,” “soundproofing,” and “furnished.

Many campaigns are held, and if you apply for a room that is eligible, you may be able to receive a discount on rent and other services. This is recommended for those who want to move into a share house at a discount.

Reference: Shores https://shares.house/


In this article, we have introduced share houses in Japan.

Here is a summary of what we have done so far.

  • A share house is a residence where multiple people can live together in a shared space other than your own room.
  • The appeal of a share house is that you can spend less money on a house, the drawback is that there is a lot of potential for trouble.
  • There are a number of share houses in Japan that allow foreigners. There are also share houses that are designed for interaction with foreigners.

In order to enjoy life in a place of your choice, it is important to know the place and environment where you will start living, and where you can live.

I hope this article will help you have an enjoyable life in Japan.

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