Required documents when applying for a work visa in Japan

7/28/2021 Updated

What kind of documents are required when welcoming foreign personnel into the workplace? In addition to a resume, proof of criminal record, and proof of a sufficient balance to live for a while after arriving in Japan may be required. There are some documents that need to be handled not only by the foreigner who will be working, but also by the receiving side. If you are thinking of accepting a foreigner, it may take a long time to visit the website of the Immigration and Residence Management Agency or the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to find the necessary procedures. Because of the detailed changes and news posted on the website, the information can easily become enormous.

The number of people coming to Japan has been on the rise lately, especially for the technical internship system and the specified skills status, and we will introduce you to sites that provide easy-to-understand information on the procedures that need to be prepared on the receiving side.

In the case of technical training system

The National Institute of Apprenticeship for Foreigners has a summary of the system, the managing organization, and the applications and documents that the apprentices themselves need to prepare.

Reference: Organization for Foreigners’ Technical Training

There is also a page on the permit application process for management organizations, which is very easy to understand as it is divided into new permits and renewal of validity periods. There are also pages of information for trainees in nine different languages. I think it would be a good idea to refer to this page when you welcome technical intern trainees.

For example, the “List of Documents to be Submitted and Confirmation Table for Application for Supervisory Body Permit” on this page contains a list of 42 required documents, their formats, and notes. Although this is one of the documents to be submitted, it is much more concise and easier to understand.

You can save time and money by first reading through the pages of the National Institute of Apprenticeship for Foreigners, and then checking your questions and concerns with a lawyer or other reliable person who specializes in applications for residency status for technical interns.

For specific skills

You can refer to the General Support for Specific Skills website, which also has concise information on this subject.

Reference: General support site for specific skills: https: //

In addition to information in 13 languages for foreigners who wish to obtain a specific skill status, there is also a very concise page that outlines the application process and other useful information for those who wish to accept foreigners with specific skills. As with the acceptance of technical interns, it is necessary for the accepting organization to be recognized as meeting a certain level of standards when accepting foreigners with specified skills. In order to accept people who come to work in a country that is not their home country, and to avoid a mismatch with the workplace and society, it is important to check beforehand, although it may be a bit of a hassle. Take a look at the Cautions in Employment page on the General Support for Specified Skills website mentioned above.

Also, see the Application Procedures page on the Immigration and Residence Management Agency website for a page that summarizes the documents that need to be submitted by the applicant or host organization.

Reference: Immigration and Residence Management Agency|Application procedures

By the way, for those who have completed Technical Internship No. 2 and wish to change their status of residence to that of Specified Skills, please refer to the page on Application for Change of Status of Residence.

Reference: Immigration and Naturalization Service|Application for permission to change status of residence

Be aware of changes in preparation time and documentation.

For example, if you look at the “Application for Change of Status of Residence” page, you will see that the format of the documents has been changed since February 19 this year in the red box under the list of documents to be submitted and confirmation table for various applications for residence by foreigners with special skills.

Source: Immigration and Naturalization Service|Application for permission to change status of residence

In particular, the “Specially Designated Technical Skills” status of residence was recently introduced, and there are many changes. It may be a good idea to check the Immigration and Refugee Management Agency’s page every now and then to see if there will be more jobs for which you can obtain a specific skill status in the future.

At the bottom of the list of documents to be submitted, there is a note that you may be asked to submit other documents in addition to the ones that were required in advance during the screening process. It is recommended that you prepare well in advance of the date you wish to accept the applicant.

Other documents required to apply for work-allowed status of residence

If you are a foreign student or a foreigner staying with a family member working for a Japanese organization and want to participate in a part-time job or an internship, you will need to obtain a Permit to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted (kakugai katsudo katsudo katsudo), which allows you to work 28 hours per week, and is often used by foreign students who have come to study Japanese. To apply, you need to submit the necessary documents and application form, which vary depending on your status of residence, to the local immigration office. Please refer to the application procedure at the bottom of the page about permission to engage in activities other than those permitted under the status of residence previously granted.

Reference: Immigration and Naturalization Service|Permission to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted


In this article, we have introduced pages that describe the procedures and documents required to apply for status of residence, focusing on technical internship and specified skills status.

When you decide that you want to bring a foreigner into your workplace as a technical intern or special skill, even if you try to check the necessary procedures on the Immigration and Naturalization Service website, you will often get lost because you don’t understand the meaning of the terms and don’t know which page to look at on the website.

Although the pages of the Immigration and Residence Management Agency and other organizations are supposed to have detailed information, there is so much information that they are also compiling information on the Foreigners’ Technical Training Organization and the General Support Site for Specified Skills. We recommend that you research as much information as possible beforehand, and then consult with a lawyer or other advisor.

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